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Display/Edit Task forms in the Custom Content Type

Jan 8, 2009 at 7:21 PM
Edited Jan 8, 2009 at 7:51 PM
In the old version the Custom content type "TPG.SharePoint.Workflow Task Content Type"  had both the Edit and Display forms defined. In the new one, on a clean host, I didn't have that content type registered yet, and I notice that it only has the TaskFormHost.aspx set to be the Edit, not the Display form url.

More Precisely, the ContentType.xml file had the FormUrls element like this in the old one:

<FormUrls xmlns="">


<FormUrls xmlns="">

In the new one.  Was this a purposeful decision? I mean if you're using special forms to wrap the tasks aren't the odds in favor of wanting the custom host page instead of not?  Just curious why this was done, and what one recommends be done about it, short of just editing that, and changing it back before activating the feature.

Here's an old link on someone's site talking about this similar issue. They basically say that you have to use code to change this then. hmm.

Jan 8, 2009 at 8:40 PM
I'm thinking this was just an oversight and not an intentional decision.  Personally I prefer to have both the Display and Edit values set.

Wouter, do you have any input into this?

Feb 12, 2009 at 2:31 PM
This was my responsibilty. My basic thought was that replacing the display form also removes the 'assign this task to' functionality which is available from the default view toolbar.
I'll discuss this with Chris. I prefer leaving it out. Basically if we leave it out people can use the normal display form, and those who don't want to can derive a content-type and change just that. This does mean that you'll need to create a content-type if you want to replace this form. Perhaps we will provide two content-types for this.